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The effects of any life experience can be your excuse … or your power. What if you shifted your voice and chose to tell different stories? What would your life feel like to be relieved of the burdensome effects of old painful stories? I believe most people think the abuses or poor decisions have them destined to suffer, but the reality is by shining a light on the shadows in your basement they become the strong foundation for your entire life. Old stories cannot be brought through new doors of potential, realigning with your past allows doors to open. Connecting with Sherry will bring fresh open dialog to audiences, clients will relate to a compassionate perspective in her private coaching and groups will delve into her light of new thinking through multi-day workshops.

Dark Wisdom

Elements I call Dark Wisdom are birthed from old stories. Valuable pieces of life offer clarity and awareness to open up compassion, resilience and humility. If you have experienced forms of trauma and pain I offer you an opportunity to work with me in shifting entanglement to freedom. Navigating the path can get dense and confusing. Your life’s past can be a strong foundation for your life. It cannot be shaken once seen; it is solid in its resilience. Shining the light of ownership in the shadows of your life basement allows the wisdom there to be seen in all its darkness.


Speaker Opportunities

Sherry is available for keynote and motivational inspirational speaking. She is available for travel both within the US and International. Book me as a Speaker


Sherry is a relatable life champion. If you are ready to investigate the depths of your potential Sherry has creative and inspiring methods to light up your way forward.


Custom topics for your team building, client growth, live events and online workshops.

Sherry’s presence is captivating and inspiring. Her message is authentic and emanates from a deep truth from her personal life experiences.

Ritu Aneja, Researcher, Speaker, Associate Dean

Sherry is an extraordinary, scintillating storyteller. Her message of triumph and transformation is one that makes audiences laugh and cry. I cannot recommend her enough as a speaker and as a beautiful wisdom teacher.!

KC Baker, CEO and Founder, WomanSpeak

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May 5, 2022 Women of Strength Ambassador Brunch; Phoenix, AZ