Erasing Karma

Today appears to be the day of something new into my day.
What if your reading this initiated something new and unexpected into your day?

Life, for me, has been a wellspring of events most consider tragic to inconceivable.

The second thing I know on life, is that you have traveled and experienced the tragic and inconceivable as well.

Yet what I know most deeply is that every experience has lit me up inside with some form of intelligence towards progressing myself to where I live today … a fantastic full and rewarding life.

The threads of those stories, when woven into full acceptance, along with the threads of your joys, success and laughter stories present themselves as the depth and perspective of a full and complete human. A human with all the shades and design of an intricate tapestry of your very own design.

What if, this very moment, the story was about how you are compassionate, eat better, live better despite that old story. The pity/coddling/sympathetic mindsets of society can, if you hold that version of the story long enough, cripple how you show up for life Now. Now is This. Very. Moment. The pity turns to awe, wonder and inspiration. And you – you have broken the karma of the story!

What story have you been carting around, full of old hurt, that you are tired of allowing to bring you down? Pick one (we all have many of them, LOL!) to start with. Choose today to change they way it impacted you. Choose today to “flip the bird” to the event, the person, or the cause. Yes, you can. Yes, you DO have that power!

Accepting all the stories – breaks the tide of energy – you can choose to tell the stories differently . Inwardly or outwardly. You can ground in “I overcame!” . Begin to show up in life as your full self.

Do that, and magic shifts will occur in your everyday with your very unique creation that is the only one in the world – YOU

Viktor Vasnetsov. The Flying Carpet (1880).

18 June 2022

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